Commercial Lawn Care and landscape maintenance Services

Commercial Landscape Services

 Operating in Calgary for over 25 years we are adept to Calgary’s unique weather and have learned how best care for lawns and maintain healthy exceptional properties for our commercial customers. We offer all aspects of commercial landscape maintenance services from lawn care and weed control to sprinkler maintenance and seasonal flowers to Spring and Fall clean up. We also offer parking lot services including Parking lot sweeping, parking lot line painting and snow removal. 

 We also offer many more commercial property services please contact us for an estimate for services that would best suit your property. 

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Calgary

Do you require a competent and seasoned Commercial Landscape Maintenance company?  Diversified Commercial Landscape Maintenance offers a full range of commercial landscaping services. What puts us apart from the competition is dependability combined with high quality work and at a price that is competitive. We offer a range of custom contracts, with service levels to meet any budget. We rarely subcontract any services out so when you hire Diversified Landscape Maintenance Services to take care of your property that is who will actually do the work. 

Dependable Lawn care Gardener Calgary

We have a complete wcb and liability insurance as well as a landscaping contractor’s license. With more than 25 years of expertise under our belts, our firm is glad to assist you and provide you the greatest service in the city of Calgary with the best results bar no-one. Our landscaping personnel always appears in uniform in corporate vehicle. Our crews always employ high quality dependable lawn care products and equipment to provide you the customer the best results

Lawn fertilizer

Commercial Lawn Care Lawn Mowing Importance

Grass Cutting or Mowing

 A freshly trimmed lawn creates an excellent first impression when entering a business. It also significantly improve the appearance of a business. A neatly trimmed lawn will also make a good impression on potential customers and create a positive image of the business. An overgrown lawn can hide potential hazards, such as rocks or tree stumps. Mowing the lawn regularly can help identify and remove these hazards, reducing the risk of accidents and potential lawsuits. An unmaintained lawn can attract pests such as rodents and insects. Regular mowing can reduce the chances of pest infestations and help protect the property. Regular mowing can prevent the lawn from becoming overgrown, which can require costly landscaping services to fix. It can also prevent damage to property by identifying potential issues early, saving money in the long run.

Irrigation Services

  Lawn Sprinklers need to be serviced every season to keep it running at peak performance. Some times it can be as easy as just adjusting direction or spray or can be as complex and changing damaged heads or entire lines due to damage or renovations. 

  We have trained staff to maintain your lawn irrigation which will keep your lawn looking healthy and kept.  

Tree & Shrub Pruning

    Pruning trees and shrubs is not only important for the health of your plants and trees but important to maintaining a safe work. Broken and hanging limbs can be a danger to people if near walkways. We assess your trees and shrubs and prune a few times during the season or as needed if damage occurs from wind storms or an early snow. 

Pruning a tree branch

Beautiful Lawns are not by accident

   As professionals in lawn care service, Diversified Lawn Care Landscaping Services realize how vital it is to maintain a healthy weed-free landscape.
With a mix of aeration, fertilizer and occasionally over seeding we can restore the green back in your lawn. We apply only the finest products in the market to ensure weed free lawns as well. Our expert crew can come in and apply fertilizers and  offer weed control services to deliver the best possible results for your lawn.

Commercial Landscape maintenance

Fertilizing Services

 Keep your lawn looking great with our advanced lawn fertilizing services. We will evaluate your lawn and come up with a program to meet your needs while staying on budget. Fertilizing should only be done twice a year in our climate unless your lawn is extremely unhealthy, once in the spring and again in the fall. We offer lawn fertilizing as a separate service, and when you sign our platinum contract it is included at no additional costs.  

Seasonal Flowers

    Nothing makes the entrance of a commercial property more inviting than a beautiful seasonal flower display. We gather the flowers of your preference, plant the flowers and maintain for the flowers all season long. When fall comes we remove the flowers and clean the beds in preparation for winter. 

Commercial building flowers

Pressure Washing

 Pressure Washing is an inexpensive way to make your business more inviting to customers and staff. We can wash up to 4 story building with hot or cold pressure washing. We also offer fleet and heavy equipment washing. Include pressure washing services in your maintenance contract for discounted rates. 

Commercial Snow Removal Services

We offer Commercial Snow Removal Services for the city of Calgary. Snow Plowing , Ice management, sanding services, custom contracts and much more.  Combine these with a landscape maintenance services for the best saving. 

Commercial Snow Removal Services
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