Commercial Landscape MAINTENANCE CALGARY

Commercial Yard Maintenance Services

First impressions matter! Keeping a well-maintained grass s will create a lasting positive impression on your visitors

Fall Clean up can be a huge job, let our crews remove all tree leaves and get you commercial property looking good for winter.

Flower and garden bed maintenance is included in our commercial landscape packages. 

Nothing ruins a beautiful lawn like an out of control weed problem. We have the solutions

 Do you have an irrigation system and need a top notch team to maintain it. Look no further.

Paving stone or Concrete repair, or New installation…. We got you covered. 

Commercial Grass Cutting / Mowing

We understand the importance of caring for a lawn and green spaces, all year round. Grass can easily get tired, worn out and infested with weeds if not cared for properly. It doesn’t take much, only a sustained period of warm weather mixed with some rainfall and grass can suddenly appear rough and out of control.
Our highly skilled operatives are trained to use the very best commercial mowers on the market, along with the latest grass maintenance equipment and technology, including robotic and battery operated machinery. No scale of work is too small or too big, the finer detail after a grass cut is taken care of by trimmers and hand tools and for larger grass areas such as airfields, country parks, paddocks, and sports pitches, tractors equipped with high capacity mowing decks provide a versatile mowing solution.
Professional Grass Cutting Mowing
This means that our teams can maintain a grass space for you to be proud of, whether large, small, flat, inclined, lined with trees and shrubbery or filled with features such as water fountains, monuments, and statues.

Commercial Landscape Gardens

Landscaper bed maintenance

Lawn care is just a small portion of our business landscape maintenance packages. Bed care is also front and centre. Having excellent shrubs and plants will not happen if let to grow wild. Flowers, trees and bushes must be cared for and pruned yearly at the least. Seasonal flowers provide a huge array of brilliant colorful tones making your place of business attractive to your consumers.

Lawn Weed Programs

Weed Wacking

Weed Control

  25 years of expertise in the weed control business, our staff understands precisely what is requires to eliminate all the weeds, from ordinary dandelions and crabgrass to broadleaf weeds and quackgrass. Fortunately, no matter what variety of weeds are plaguing your gardens Diversified Landscaping is here to assist!
    We provide weed control in Calgary and nearby locations to tackle even the toughest of weeds and prepare your lawn into the gorgeous weed-free paradise you’ve been dreaming about!

Weed Control

Lawn fertilizer

Diversified Landscaping specialises in offering weed control services for a number of clientele situated in Calgary and the surrounding regions.
Our clientele include Retails Stores , Big Box, Commercial and Industrial enterprises, homeowner’s associations, property managers and homes
We offer weed control to Commercial and Resident clients. Get in contact with us today and we will design a plan for your property to be weed free.

Commercial Irrigation Services

If you have a south-facing yard that is always in direct sunlight and never receives enough water during our dry summer months, and sending employees to water seems to never happen, then an irrigation system may be precisely what you need to maintain a healthy lawn.
If you have irrigation but it is not functioning properly, Irrigation Repair is required. We are experts in repairing leaks, updating existing irrigation systems, replacing irrigation valves, replacing timers/controllers, diagnosing wiring problems, and performing irrigation annual tune-ups.
Contact us today to install a new irrigation system or to repair and maintain an existing one.

Concrete & Pavers Repairs & Installation

Landscape Design for Paver

Commercial landscaping Maintenance would not be complete without a professional that takes care of your hardscape requirements. We both repair existing concrete paver installations, as well as install new.
Our expert install crews have vast experience with concrete and paver surfaces. If your pavers are unlevel we can remove, repack the back and re install, if your concrete is damaged we can repair it. 
   Sometimes repair is not an option and we do new installations also. We will remove old surfaces and replace with new. No project to large or small.

     QUITE SIMPLY………..    

 We are commercial landscape maintenance experts in Calgary. Your commercial property is in good hands when you hire diversified Landscapes. Please Contact us today so we can make you another satisfied customer. 

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